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You may or may not know me, but I am a tree native to tropical and subtropical regions of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, to name a few ones.

People of these countries adore me so much that they love to call me by…

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“When one of my plants dies, I die a little inside, too.” Linda Solegato

I wanted to confess. I withered my indoor plants by watering them every day. They died miserably in my presence.

Then one day, I mustered some courage to throw them outside so that they could have…

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I have been to places where I craved complete shut down of voices for attaining my inner satisfaction. I have been to places where I wanted to break down a thousand glasses of champagne without making any noise. Alright, I know it’s an expensive wish. …

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As Christmas is here, I don’t want to let go of this opportunity of not sharing anything related to the Christmas tree.

From ancient times, evergreen trees had a symbolic meaning in the lives of people around the world. …

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Did he speculate that the arm will regenerate by itself?

When I read about this experiment for the first time, these questions ran through my mind. How can you manually rewire your brain? Or are you fooling my mind with your magic tricks? Tell me more about neuroplasticity!

A brief note on the history of neuroplasticity

Neural plasticity…

Improve your mental health

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Dear reader, I hope you are in good health and treating yourself well. Today, I am going to talk to you about one of life’s greatest secrets. Can you guess what this might be?

There are two main possibilities to consider: death or destruction. Death is a boring topic. Let’s…


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Before we invented civilization our ancestors lived mainly in the open out under the sky. Before we devised artificial lights and atmospheric pollution and modern forms of nocturnal entertainment we watched the stars. There were practical calendar reasons of course but there was more to it than that. Even today…


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What to do when you find a bunch of lost keys on the forest floor? There are three possibilities to rule out the given scenario.

The first instinct that will come to your prestigious mind is to return it to its rightful owner. You will look for all the missing…

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